Technical Theatre

Technical Theatre and the Visual Arts

Theatre is the complete Fine Art as it incorporates all of the modalitites- music, visual art and theatre.

Most of the elements of technical theatre are part of the Visual Arts.  The costumes, lights, sets, program, and publicity posters are all integral to the visual pleasure of the audience.  These elements tell the story as much as the words.  My students are introduced to all aspects of technical theatre and have to make important decisions in these visual arts.


Costumes are researched, pulled, sewn or borrowed to create the most appealing look for each production.

Mattress 105 IMG_8036 IMG_3820   IMG_5415

IMG_1211-X2   IMG_1266-XL


Lighting is an important element that teaches the basics of physics and color theory.

225_17295656261_o IMG_6360 IMG_6323IMG_4219 IMG_1099-X2IMG_2322


Publicity posters and programs are created through InDesign and online web creators.  Students are taught layout, color theory, how to write press releases and attract an audience.  They also create the tickets and take the photos for the program.

Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 12.39.43 PM        LogoSmall           Footloose Poster

Set and Costume Design

Research, script analysis and the elements of design unite in set and costume design.

IMG_1434 IMG_1437

IMG_0017_2   IMG_0018_2


Puppets are used to teach sewing and design from concept to completion.

img_1104_17108580890_o img_0945_17109934869_o



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